Monday, July 28, 2014

Instant Glam

Chelsea28 top | Gap boyfriend jeans | Franco Sarto shoes | BP necklace | Coach 'Willis' bag in British Tan | Michael Kors watch | Sephora Color Lip Last

You may have caught on by now that my personal style is fairly simple. My wardrobe is split between the classics and the fanciest finds for the special occasions where I can mix and match the best of both styles, but sometimes when I don't have the fanciest piece within reach all I really need to vamp up the classics is a bright and bold lip stain. I love how a pop of color can really transform these Summer neutrals into instant glam.

P.S. have you taken a peek at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I was on the site the day the prices went down! In past Summers I've stocked up on some of the best deals for Fall fashion during this sale, especially on boots, and rarely found myself buying anything else once the season was in full swing because I already had everything I needed. I may have bought these beautiful boots in both brown and black, not mad about it. If you're curious to see the other goodies I scored, click through to shop from my list below! Shop quickly though because sale prices end August 4th!

Happy sale shopping!

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Photos by K. Tab

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

J'Adore + A Giveaway

J.Crew Factory tee | H&M skirt (similar here) | Zara sandals | Kate Spade clutch | J.Crew necklaceMichael Kors watch

Sharing a quick post today wearing my go-to chic combo, black & white, but this time adding a little graphic interest. But wait, there's more!

In honor of my blogger bestie, K.Tab, celebrating her 3rd blogiversary me, Kayte, and Jyo are joining her in hosting a giveaway! Enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card and a First Aid Beauty To-Go Kit! Check out the Rafflecopter below for entry details. Contest ends July 14th! Good luck!

Style Tab // Cuppa Jyo // LoSo Fancy // Mass Musings

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Photos by Jess Chu

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

His 10 {Style} Essentials: Rob

Today I'm introducing a new series to LoSo Fancy! Welcome to my first (of many) His/Her 10 Essentials post where twice a month I will interview one guy friend and one girlfriend for their list of 10 essentials they can't live without in categories ranging from style, travel, beauty, skincare, everyday, and seasonal. I thought this would be a fun series to introduce as a way to get into the style minds of young professionals like myself and you! I'm especially excited to feature guy's essentials because I love following and learning about men's fashion as much as I do women's. It's nice to know when guys have really good taste and actually put effort into their presentation.

First up in the series is my good friend from Rhode Island, Rob, who is a 24 y.o. BioTech Business Analyst by day and adventure seeker by night. You'd never be able to tell by the way he dresses that he's actually a big science nerd at heart. Check out his list of his most classic essentials below and read on to hear why he can't live without them.

Match up the numbers in the photo to the list of items and click on the item name for a link to where you can purchase his favorites!

1. Barbour Beaufort - I've yet to come across a jacket more durable and versatile than a Barbour. I've had this jacket for a few years now and it has survived quite a bit, from Alaska to college to Europe and unpredictable New England weather. With the proper upkeep I fully expect this jacket to last at least a decade.

2. Filson Medium Duffle - You don't want to be that young pro going on a weekend trip with your college backpack. I settled on Filson for a couple reasons - first off it's a little out of the ordinary and sort of catches the eye, especially with the contrast it provides when dressed more formally. Secondly, it's insanely rugged and looks even better as it ages.

3. Uniqlo cashmere sweater - This very well might be the most comfortable item of clothing I own. It's thin, lightweight and incredibly soft. If it was socially acceptable to wear a cashmere bodysuit I definitely would. As far as cashmere goes this sweater is certainly on the inexpensive side.

4. Converse Jack Purcell sneakers - As important as it is to stitch together great formal wear, I find it equally essential to put the effort into the more casual side of my wardrobe too. Jack Purcells are a great example of a versatile casual wear piece that can be worn with pretty much anything and still fit right in. I chose these in particular because my Dad used to wear them back in the 60's and I thought it would be cool to pay homage to his youth.

5. APC Petit Standard Jeans - Raw Denim is an interesting experience, it requires a substantial amount of love and care but the result is a relationship unlike that with any other item of clothing. The jeans lose indigo over time and fade based on your body movement creating a totally unique pair of jeans.

6. 1986 Rolex GMT Master on Horween Cordovan Leather Strap - In my opinion the GMT is the best modern movement to come from Rolex. The additional timezone and military bezel markings make this timepiece great for traveling. I opted to replace the steel jubilee band with a leather band from the guys at Hodinkee. I thought the leather downplays the fact that I'm wearing a Rolex and makes it slightly less ostentatious. The cordovan leather also ages incredibly well.

7. Vintage Ray Ban Clubmaster's - Sunglasses are key and Ray Bans are pretty much unbeatable for affordability, style and elegance. It's not how the sunglasses look on the shelf, but how they look on you and I'm convinced these are one of the few pairs that don't make me look like an alien.

8. Smathers and Branson collegiate needlepoint belt - This a great casual belt that can be worn with anything (other than a suit). The needlepoint is classy and it's fun to wear something that shows some pride in my alma mater. A good friend of mine designed these belts and had them made up for me and my friends. Since then the collegiate section of Smathers and Branson has really taken off, although I've yet to see this particular design showcased.

9. Double Monks - These shoes have been a big rise in popularity lately and for such a formal and unique shoe they are surprisingly versatile. I usually just keep the top buckle undone and really don't try to hide any of the scuffs - it's nice to show that they're actually worn.

10. Nikon DSLR - This is pretty self-explanatory but a solid camera is key to capture those critical moments that belong on the wall of your bedroom and not just on your Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of this series! Stay tuned for a list of my personal picks later this month. If you think you have a fun and interesting list of essentials you would like to have featured next on my blog e-mail your list to losofancy at gmail dot com.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberry Fields

Crewcuts tunic (size 14) | J.Crew shorts | J.Crew Factory sandals (old but also love these) | Madewell banglesMichael Kors watchGorjana necklaces | Warby Parker sunglasses c/o

My friends who know me best will tell you that when it comes to events like dinner dates, happy hours, or weekend festivities I am very much a planner. Last minute changes throw me off track, which I think has to do with my slight fear of the unknown. If I'm the hostess or the person in charge of making plans I want to make sure all the details of the day/evening satisfy those involved. Sometimes I put a little too much pressure on myself to make things perfect, but recently I've realized the perks of letting loose and being free. We all have that one friend (or many) who helps us channel our adventurous side, but the kind of adventure with no crazy rebellion dangerously involved, it's all just for fun. While home in RI this weekend my friend and I had plans to head to the beach, and to my delightful surprise he instead had a pitstop planned en route. My family and I used to pick strawberries at this place, Schartner Farms, every Summer when I was younger and when he surprised me with this impromptu activity it brought back so many sweet memories of my childhood. I really felt like a kid again, a very giddy one in fact. I literally wanted to sit in the fields the rest of the day and devour all the strawberries I could possibly digest before actually turning into one (like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka). Thankfully, I had my camera with me for when we were planning on going to the beach, but this seemed like a way better photo op. Afterwards, we ditched the beach plans and made chocolate covered strawberries instead. Best idea ever.

Two things I'll be doing the rest of the Summer: embracing spontaneity and always having my camera in hand to capture the memories. =)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

P.S. I heard this song Gossling - Riptide (Vance Joy cover) as we were driving with the windows down and the sun shining so beautifully bright. It's a new favorite, take a listen!


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Friday, June 20, 2014

Blushing Pink

ASOS dress (on sale!) | Zara heels (also love these) | ASOS clutch (also love this one) | J.Crew necklace | Michael Kors watch

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing my recent obsession with this subtle, feminine color combo of blush pink and dove grey. It's been everywhere on the web, especially Pinterest, for it's soft shade that pairs perfectly with a Summer glow and neutral accessories. While the length is a little too short for a wear-to-work look, I think it will be quite fitting for an evening soiree or special date night downtown. I wouldn't want to hide my favorite statement necklace with my hair down, so as the temps get hotter you will most likely find me sporting a high ponytail around the city. In fact, I'll be sporting a high pony tomorrow at my company golf tournament! Yes, I am a golfer thanks to my Dad and brother for buying me my first kid's driver at the age of six, and I even played for my high school golf team. Tomorrow will be my first round of 18-holes in years, but I'm going to give it all I got! Wish me luck!

P.S. take a look at my interview from earlier this week with Lux & Concord!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend!

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Photos by Style Tab

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


J.Crew denim jacket (similar) | ASOS dress | J.Crew necklace | Madewell shoes (on sale!) | Zara bag | Michael Kors watch

Hello and Happy Hump Day! My week was off to a crazy start so I didn't get a chance on Monday to share with you my highlights from the blast of a weekend I just had back home in Rhode Island. So here it is, better late than never! 

It started off with getting a fresh new haircut (!) before a delicious and family filled backyard BBQ Saturday afternoon where there was a perfect amount of shade for it to not feel as hot as it was in the sun. And on Sunday morning, the family and I took my nephews to Roger Williams Park Zoo where we came within 3 feet of a hungry giraffe, my absolute favorite animal in the world (next to elephants)! I saved the next best highlight for last. The dress seen here I wore all day Saturday but switched out delicate gold chain necklaces for a bolder colored statement piece. I reunited with a good friend of mine and we had the most spontaneous evening... ever. We bar hopped throughout Providence, followed any sounds of Live music, made our way onto the dance floor of a big cultural festival, bar hopped some more, hunted down french fries from the only food truck in the city, and used our leftover $4 to get a pedi cab to take us as far as our money could. Want to hear the cherry on top of this entertaining evening? While my friend and I were walking by The Biltmore Hotel, I said "Let's go crash a wedding." After realizing I was just kidding, we instead walk on through the hotel restaurant to find the nearest exit. To my surprise, I see my Olympic figure skating idol Michelle Kwan having dinner with her husband and friends. Starstruck, I ask the waiter for his help to get her to take a picture with me. As soon as she looked at me the 13 y.o. skater girl inside of me said "I'm your biggest fan! I ice skated for 10 years because of you and I met you 10 years ago at Frank Carroll's skating camp!" She was flattered and we hugged and snapped a photo like we were besties reuniting. Meeting her for the second time in my life... pretty epic.

Meeting Michelle Kwan for my first time over 10 years ago at Frank Carroll's (her former Olympic coach) skating camp in Burbank, California.

Meeting her a second time in little Providence, RI!

I'm still on a high from the best weekend with family and friends, especially Michelle Kwan. =)

Hope you're all having a good week so far!


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